Friday, December 19, 2014

Grey Hair Leads the Way for Beauty Trends in 2015 | HJi

I saw this article on Facebook today!  I'm happy that gray hair is still trending, although I would never go back to brunette anyway.  Guess what else is trending?  Cauliflower!  You can see for yourself in the link to the article below.

The funny thing is, I was about to write a post on the whole entire going gray journey and my feelings about it.  Look for it soon.  .  . although probably not until after the holidays.

Love my gray hair!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Tell If You Need an Eyebrow Wax and/or Facial

 Oh, geez!  Didn't mean to scare you!  Holy moly!
It might be time for me to get one of those magnifying mirrors and look in it every day.
Every day!
All I was trying to do in this picture is show my mascara. I will never. try. to do that. again.
At least not before I do some major maintenance.
I saw this picture and saw eyebrow hairs I didn't even know were there.  And my skin?
Holy moly I need a facial.
And now it's the day before the Christmas party and I still haven't had the time or inclination to give myself a facial or get a magnifying glass to seek out those tricky little eyebrow hairs.

I'm going to go try to do it now and hope that I don't break out for the party tomorrow.  

Or just make sure nobody gets very close to me.

This is probably a better distance
 And you can only tell a little bit how dirty the bathroom mirror is.

How often do you have face and eyebrow maintenance?

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WW | Nashville w/ #LINKY

I don't have very many new pics that I feel fit with this blog ( I have 4 blogs in case you didn't know!)
So. . . . I decided to look back six months and see what was going on then.  I wasn't back to blogging yet, so you guys have never seen the pictures from back then.  I ended up on our summer vacation Nashville pictures.  I figured those were as good as any.  Since we're doing our next half marathon in Nashville, maybe seeing these pics will get my sorry butt back on track to begin our training again.


The first pics are "old advertisements" that they have in stone on the square. I was interested in these because they were sewing machines and dry goods stores that sold fabric.  I was a fashion major, so all things fabric and sewing are interesting to me.
Here's a couple saloons for you.  These will definitely be more fun without the kids next time.
This is the building we kept calling the Terminator building!
And last but not least (for now). . . . 
do you think that if I pretend this guy is chasing me in our half marathon I'll beat 3:05:00?
Link Below!