Monday, February 18, 2013

How to pass a note in class~~80's-Style!

Since I'm in my forties, that means I went to school in the '80s, the '80s.  Wii anyone?  Of course I wasn't "born in the '80s, the '80s" 
I did however pass many notes in junior high and high school.   In the '80's. 
And for some reason, I remembered it today when Logan was doing homework.  And I told him, "Hey!  Go get me a piece of paper and I'll show you how to fold a note."
And he said, "Why would I write a note and then fold it when I can just text?"
JUST KIDDING!  He doesn't have a phone.  And wouldn't know how to text. 
Are kids allowed to have phones in the classroom, anyway?  Maybe they still pass notes? 
So today. . . .
I bring you. . . . .
How to Pass Notes
First, write a note.  Make sure it's on notebook paper with three holes on the side.  Don't know why. 
Fold a corner down.
Fold in half.
Flip over and fold up about a third of the way.
Fold over again and again.
Fold the tab in to keep closed.
Once you have your note made, either stick in someone's locker through the slits, OR pass it by going
"psst. . . pass this to _________________"
Hope that you don't get caught and get detention.

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